Opening a Business in a Historic Building  

Owner Ajay Patel, Montgomery County Executive Marc Erlich and Lead Architect Ward Bucher at the grand opening of Clarksburg Beer and Wine ...

Design vs. Draft: Unraveling What Exactly an Architect Does

Sometimes we get a call for work, and the potential client says, “I need someone to draft some plans”. We can tell ...

Menokin: Fiercely Ambitious 18th Century Historic Construction

The Wall Street Journal called the Menokin project “…the most fiercely ambitious historic restoration project in America today.” The project includes stabilizing ...

Seven Tips for Writing Historic Grant Applications for the Maryland Heritage Areas Program

Joe Wojciechowski, AIA, Encore Sustainable Architects (2023 MHAA grant reviewer) This past year, Encore Architect Joe Wojciechowski had the privilege of being ...

RE-thinking Restoration, Renovation & Rehabilitation of Historic Buildings

The terms we use for describing the work we do on historic buildings can be a bit complex and confusing to say ...

Sustainable Design: From Concept to Rendering to 3D in One Week

Encore Sustainable Architects is no novice at quick turns on envisioning plans for an adaptation of an existing building, or design of ...


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