Three Types of Funding for Historic Renovations: Part 2 – Grants


In the first of our series on finding money for your historic building renovations, we investigated Historic Tax Credits.  In this blog, we cover historic renovation grants.

Historic Renovation Grants

The historic renovation of Asbury Church has been funded by several grants.

Grants are another great way to acquire funding for your historic renovation project. Historic renovation grants can be offered at the federal and state levels or through philanthropic organizations, and include the following:

·  The National Park Service

·  The Foundation of the American Institute for Conservation

·  The National Trust For Historic Preservation

·  Foundation Center

·  Delaware Division of Historical and Cultural Affairs

·  Maryland Historical Trust

·  Virginia Department of Historic Resources

You can visit to see a full list of federal historic renovation grants. 

Things To Consider When Looking For A Historic Renovation Grant

Stained glass at Asbury Church was one special area of renovation.

Criteria for grants will vary by the organization funding them. So, be sure that your building will qualify for the specific grant you are interested in before you apply. 

Another thing to keep in mind about grants for historic renovations is that the application process can be time consuming. So, if you are going to rely on grants as a means of funding your historic renovation project, be sure to give yourself enough time to secure your grant funding. 

And, finally, some grants for historic renovations are reimbursable or require a dollar-to-dollar cash match. In either case  means you will have to spend or prove that you can match the amount of your grant through your finances or other funding. 

Need help funding your historic renovation project? Encore is happy to help you navigate the challenges. Tell us about your project.

Next we’ll cover utility and energy rebates as a source for funding your historic renovation.