Ebenezer African Methodist Episcopal Church


The Ebenezer African Methodist Episcopal Church, a contributing structure to the Federal Hill National Register Historic District in Baltimore, MD is home to one of the oldest African American congregations in the region.  The church was built in 1865, and Encore Sustainable Architects has been guiding the restoration of the cathedral and parish house since 2016.  The multi-phased project involved:

Developing a Building Assessment Report 

Phase 1 – Window Work. Historically appropriate windows were sourced and replaced modern vinyl windows at the parish house and protective glass over the original stained glass in the cathedral was replaced.

Phase 2 – Roof Work.  The slate cathedral roof was badly deteriorated, and the interior suffered extensive, long term water damage.  Cost effective, yet historically accurate replacement of the roof required creative sourcing of materials.  The original slate, sourced from the local and now defunct Peachbottom Quarry, was difficult to match.  The closest slate, Vermont Buckingham, was not within the alotted budget. However, slate sourced from Spain, relative newcomers to the US market, provided an economical alternative in texture, color, shape and size.

The initial round of funding provided for the completion of half the roof and also covered new copper flashing and repair of a badly deteriorated chimney.

Phase 3 –  Roof Completion. A recent grant from the Maryland Historical Trust (MHT) through the Historic Preservation Capital Grant Program will fund the completion of the slate roof work. 

Next Phases. Following the roof completion, improvements and repairs will be made to the belltower, wooden louvres and brick exterior.


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