Woodside Neighborhood


The Montgomery County Historical Preservation Office engaged Encore Sustainable Architects to perform the historic documentation and survey of one of Silver Spring, Maryland’s oldest neighborhoods, Woodside, which was established in 1889.  The survey included 285 homes and two churches 16th Street and Georgia Avenue built from the 19th through 20th centuries.  Encore documented all of the buildings which encompassed a range of architectural styles including:

  • 21st Century New Traditional style townhomes
  • Mid-20th Century Minimal Traditional style homes
  • Early 20th Century Bungalow style homes
  • Late 19th Century Queen Anne style homes
  • Mid-20th Century Four Square style homes
  • Mid-20th Century Colonial Revival homes

The HPO staff will use this data to evaluate the historical significance of buildings and areas in the Woodside neighborhood.

“Thank you Ward for the great work on this project!”

Rebeccah Ballo, Historic Preservation Program Supervisor, Montgomery County Planning Department