Forest Glen Apartments


The Forest Glen Apartments are located on part of a tract of land acquired by Louis H. Berman and Irving Rose in 1945 in Silver Spring, Maryland. The apartment complex was constructed the following year. The apartments are still in use today.

During the twentieth century, the area experienced the same development pressures as did the rest of the country – a rapid increase in population after WWII and a critical housing shortage. Previously rural communities were quickly developed with stark, plain apartment housing developments, like Forest Glen Apartments.

In 2020, Encore was retained to evaluate the property for significance under National Register of Historical Places criteria, or Determination of Eligibility (DOE).

The property was deemed to be a modest, common example of area WWII apartment housing. It did not however have any significant historic design elements, or connection to historic people, events or pre-WWII significance.  Nor is it likely to yield future important historic information.

For these reasons, the property was not recommended under the Determination of Eligibility (DOE) for listing in the National Register of Historic Places.