One of the core values of Sparkles! is transparency in the care of its clients: newborns through twelve-year-old kids.  The owners want every parent to know the experiences their child will encounter while away from their parents.  With this in mind, we designed an open, transparent space, made primarily of glass.  The window-walls, combined with the skylights, allow significantly more natural light to spread through the rooms, creating a brighter, more cheerful atmosphere, a feature that is important for children and their development.  Because of the curved shape of the rooms and hallways, movement between sections of the daycare center flows easily.  With better flow and sightlines, efficiency is increased.  The central classroom, nicknamed “The Fishbowl” because of its circular shape and glass walls, is demonstrative of the idea that Sparkles! has nothing to hide.  Being able to see across the entire space also embodies a friendlier environment; no one is visually closed off to any group space, even if it is suited to a different age group.